She says fingers would just get in the way.
Annette Gabbedey gets a lot of questions about her work as a jeweler — people aren’t sure how she manages it with no fingers.
Gabbedey, whose shop is in Somerset, England, has never known the profession any other way.
She doesn’t even use special tools — she adapts, or adapt to, the regular ones. Usually it’s just a matter of holding the tool in a specific position.
“When you’ve been born with something, then you learn your way of doing things from birth,” Gabbedey says in the video below, which comes from Link TV. She specializes in diamonds and opals and does mostly custom work.
Gabbedey is shown using various jewelers’ tools, drawing in her sketch book and doing daily tasks around her studio — all with apparent ease.
Link TV explains that she “even says she could not imagine doing her …