After the bitter and divisive election in the U.S., Salma Hamidi says several random acts of kindness during a subway ride last week reminded her how happy she is to be Canadian.
Hamidi said strangers young and old and from different backgrounds came together on the TTC to help a man who was running late for a job interview.
Hamidi, an Iranian immigrant who has lived in Canada for approximately 12 years, says when she was on the subway last week, a Latino man threw down his skates and sat down in front of her holding his head repeatedly saying, “Oh, God.”
But then a fellow passenger reached out.
“The Russian guy sitting beside him asked if everything was OK in a pretty heavy accent,” Hamidi said in a Facebook post. “He said he has a horrible headache and is running late for an interview.”
That’s when Hamidi offered him an Advil. He thanked her, …