Porn site XHamster has initiated yet another brand extension delivering 10,000 bottles of branded drinking water to the residents of Flint.
The bizarre brand extension from xHamster looks to help address the fact there is a huge, well-publicsed, drinking water contamination in the Michigan town which is a danger to the public.
Representatives of xHamster volunteered for three days, working with Catholic Charities Center for Hope, to help tackle the issue, in the end offering 10,000 bottles of branded water, part of its pledge to have an impact on the real world.
“There is a lot of talk about helping, but we want this to show we are committed to walking the walk, and not just talking the talk.” said xHamster spokesperson Alex Hawkins.
Explaining further, the rationale behind the move, another representative for the company said it has “zero tolerance towards drastic measures or any sort of hurtful towards humanity,” deciding to …