The joyous reaction of two children to the news of their successful adoption by their foster parents has touched the hearts of thousands after it was shared online.
Photos of Heather Nelson’s adoptive children sitting in a court room while the announcement was made were posted to the Love What Matters Facebook page yesterday. They have since received more than 7000 reactions.
Ms Nelson said the children were fostered with her in December 2013, and were officially declared family last month.
She said the photos serve as a rebuttal to people who claim they find the prospect of adoption overwhelming.
“Look at the pure joy on these kids’ faces when they are hearing their new adoptive name being declared in the court room,” Ms Nelson wrote.
“The joy and love reflected in these pictures are all I need to know: every tear, every sleepless night, and every day that the system seemed hopeless was worth it.”
Ms Nelson said …