A US girl diagnosed with a range of disabilities has been invited to join others on stage at a high school graduation ceremony despite never having attended classes.
South Carolina resident Rose-Marie Miller, who suffers from microcephaly as well as severe sensory integration disorder, Tourettes, autism and seizure disorder was recently welcomed by Chesnee High School to cross the stage and mark the occasion with those who might – under different circumstances – have been her classmates.
Rose-Marie’s walk was described in a post by her brother Mason to Facebook page Love What Matters yesterday, in which he describes the significance of the school’s gesture.
“All the milestones you and I get to experience like getting our license, moving out, having our first boyfriend or girlfriend, first time breaking curfew, and buying our first car are all things we take for granted,” he wrote.
“They are also things my sister Rose-Marie will never experience.”
Mr …