Students at universities around Ontario, including Ryerson, are spending the week sleeping outside to raise money and awareness for refugees and internally displaced people in Iraq and Syria.
Members of the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Union (ACSSU) of Canada have been sleeping in front of McMaster and Ryerson to educate passersby and collect donations to help those living in refugee camps and difficult wartime conditions.
The “Life of a Mesopotamian Refugee” campaign had raised more than $4,000 in online donations by late Wednesday afternoon. The goal is $30,000.
The students outside Ryerson on Wednesday morning explained that they are trying to emulate the refugee experience as best they can. In addition to sleeping outside, they are only consuming the food and beverages that are donated to them.
“The cold is an obvious challenge,” student Evan Sworesho told CBC News. “But we know this is not a permanent thing, we know this is just for …