Motorists pulled over in Texas got quite the surprise when they were given a turkey instead of a traffic ticket.
“It was just absolutely phenomenal,” Fort Worth Police Department Officer Buddy Calzada told Thursday. “People couldn’t believe it.”
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One traffic stop in particular lodges in Calzada’s memory. Two women in a beat-up car were pulled over for speeding.
Turns out, the vehicle didn’t have seat belts, another infraction. “They had to use a wrench to open the door,” Calzada said. “The driver began sobbing and apologizing saying, ‘we have no food, I was just going to the store. I’m so sorry. Please, I just can’t afford a ticket.'”
Calzada and his told the woman to calm down, he said. When he explained that they weren’t going to ticket her, but they were going to give her a turkey for …