Nuts and bolts policy arguments characterized much of the often-heated debate surrounding California’s Adult Use Of Marijuana act. But when Californians went to the polls last week, the broad social justice benefits of legalization were the overwhelming concern for the more than 55% of voters who approved AUMA. 
Prior to election day, there were rumblings that many California District Attorneys were waiting on the outcome of the AUMA vote to move on cannabis cases. Recent developments seems to confirm those rumors, as various charges in relatively high-profile cases have been lowered to misdemeanors or infractions since pot won at the polls.
AUMA puts the terp train back on the tracks
Of all the cannabis cases that have seen DA action following Tuesday, none has been more at the forefront of industry discussion than that of Dabbenport Extracts.
Dabbenport found themselves on the wrong side of the law following a traffic stop over a minor violation.
Joe Phillips, brother …