Well, this is lovely.
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Catalina Springs Memory Care facility has teamed up with Pima Animal Care Center to do something truly wonderful.
They’ve created a new kitten-care program, which brings abandoned kittens into the care home so residents can provide them with the care they need.
This is pretty important for the kittens, FYI, as kittens separated from their mothers have a very low rate of survival unless someone steps in to provide feeding and comfort around the clock.
It’s lovely for the residents, too, as they get the joy of playing with tiny kittens. Which is brilliant.
The first kittens to join the program are Peaches and Turtle. They arrived at Pima Animal Care Center in October, weighing under 200g each.
They’ll need feedings, affection, and care – which the care home’s residents are happy to provide.
‘To some it may seem peculiar at first: Residents who …