MILWAUKEE, WI (WITI/CNN) – A Milwaukee letter carrier tackled a suspect who grabbed a package from him and delivered the teen to police.
Milwaukee police said that two men came up to the letter carrier and grabbed a package he was delivering.
Witnesses say the letter carrier ran after one of them and tackled the teenager.
Homeowner Kelsey Lamb said the letter carrier screamed called 911 and she did while the letter carrier pinned the teen on the ground.
A tenant from an elderly and disabled housing complex across the street ran to help hold the teen down.
Inside the package, postmarked from Las Vegas, NV, were drugs. Federal officials were called to the scene to investigate.
Kelsey Lamb says she’s proud of her neighborhood, which came together to support the letter carrier and deliver a would-be robber to police.
Milwaukee police say they have a 19-year-old suspect in custody and are looking for a second suspect.
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