After a traumatic 11 hours trapped in a muddy well, a baby elephant weighing ‘hundreds of pounds’ has been rescued in dramatic circumstances in a small Indian village, after locals risked their lives to help in the operation.
According to local media, the baby elephant became stuck in the well late in the evening, and the elephant’s mother tried desperately throughout the night to pull her out, without success.
“The area around the side of the well had too much sand and mud,” said one villager, who helped in the rescue effort. “Whenever the mother approached the well, she couldn’t get a firm footing because she kept sinking into the muddy ground. We tried to get her to move out of the way, but she became aggressive at our presence.”
The villagers wanted to help, but they feared the agitated mother elephant could misinterpret their desire. “These wild elephants are perfectly harmless in …