The Harvard Elementary School community in Houston, Texas, has come together to help a beloved crossing guard afford repairs to his prosthetic leg.
The crossing guard, 42-year-old Fetene Yezengaw, has manned the intersection near the school for nearly a decade, according to Principal Laura Alaniz. She said that he has brought “so much laughter and joy” to the children who pass by him every day.
“The disability he has — you don’t even see it because he’s so positive,” Alaniz told ABC News today.
Yezengaw lost his left leg decades ago as a child soldier in Ethiopia, according to Alaniz.
“He was recruited at just 15 years old,” the principal said. “One day, he stepped on a landmine and his entire leg was blown off. After that, he went into a refugee camp and was granted political asylum to come here. Now, he uses a …