ATLANTA (KTVU) – An 86-year-old man is being credited for going above and beyond to help provide 300 knit caps for premature babies.
Ed Moseley is a resident at Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Acworth, Georgia.
The facility’s Life Enrichment Director, Meg Lipper tells KTVU Fox 2 that the retired engineer taught himself to knit as part of a challenge put forth by the Dogwood Forest corporate office back in August, calling on its communities to make as many baby caps as possible.
The caps would go to Northside Hospital in Atlanta, which delivers the most babies in the U.S. and cares for about 2,000 premature infants each year.
Moseley did not shy away from the baby cap challenge and took it upon himself to rally others to answer the call.
He organized a hat knitting group, telling participants that if he can teach himself this new skill, so can they.
“He brought everyone together,” said …