It’s a story to warm the heart – and the head. An 86-year-old grandfather taught himself to knit, just so he could make dozens of woolly hats for premature babies at an Atlanta hospital.
Several months ago, the Dogwood Forest assisted living facility in Acworth, Georgia, set its residents the challenge of knitting hats for infants born early. Retired engineer Ed Moseley didn’t know how to knit, but for reasons of his own, he felt compelled to take part.
“I told my daughter about it and I said, ‘How can I knit? what do I need to do?’,” Mr Moseley told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Bless her heart, she went … and got a [starter loom] kit, yarn and instruction kit for me. So I started slowly and learned it just takes patience,” he said.
Mr Moseley started knitted while watching TV, training himself to complete a hat in about an hour. Then he …