People swapping Dabit Cards for Withdrawal 2000 Rupees from outside one of the Bank at Bank Square in Sector 17 of Chandigarh on Friday, November 18 2016. Express Photo by Kamleshwar Singh

This was not the first time Niehoff had been recognised for her contributions to society. Photo: Claus Eckert/AP via Guardian
Hamburg recently announced that it would name one of its streets after a famous German activist who was once a prostitute. Domenica Anita Niehoff, who passed away in February 2009 due to a lung disease, was a fierce advocate for the rights of sex workers. A former prostitute, she became an activist who pushed for legalising her profession, and made efforts in appearing on television shows in order to re-sculpt social attitudes towards sex and prostitution. She also worked towards helping prostitutes cope with their drug addiction. Over the course of her activism, Niehoff gradually began starring in feature films like Desperado City (1981) and Messalina – Kaiserin und Hure (1977) and became an increasingly known figure in mainstream conversations.
This was not the …