Transgender activists in Islamabad are drawing up plans to build a new mosque in a suburb of the city which will welcome people regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. 
The LGBTQ friendly space is a project from local activist group the Shemale Association for Fundamental Rights (Safar), run by Nadeem Kashish. 
“The main reason for building this mosque is to convey a message to our society that people who are transgender are also Muslim, they too have a right to offer prayers in a mosque, to recite or teach the Holy Quran, and to preach Islam,” Mr Kashish – who prefers to be known by the male pronoun – told the Daily Tribune. 
The trans community in Pakistan is one of the most marginalised and misunderstood. Mr Kashish estimates that around 2,700 trans people are known to Safar in Islamabad alone, but official records show there are only 2,500 people registered …