inside IKEA‘s flagship store in slependen, norway, one of the brand’s familiar showroom spaces has been re-considered as a place to present a powerful message. in partnership with the red cross, IKEA has turned one of its experiential pop-up homes — where customers experience a room-sized installation of domestic designs — into a replica of a syrian home. ’25 m2 of syria’ is not one of the picture-perfect homes usually on display, but rather a realistic depiction of a house just outside of damascus that belongs to a woman named rana, and her family of nine. 
all screenshots courtesy of ’25m2 syria’ by POL
the installation, conceived by advertising agency POL, formed part of an initiative to promote norway’s annual fundraising event ‘tv-aksjonen‘, with all donations this year going to the red cross for those living in war and conflict zones. the mock-apartment features hard, cinder block walls, scant furnishings, and few usable appliances, adding to …