Rising out of a tract of vacant land in West Melbourne is a project said to be unique in the world. It’s an entire neighborhood intended for abused and neglected children.
The concrete pouring into the new foundations is donated. The land? It was free. And the spirit; the enthusiasm; the energy to make this all happen? It knows no bounds.
“This will truly be a child haven out here; it’ll be absolutely beautiful,” said Kim Frodge.
Frodge is the spirit behind Nana’s House, the organization that’s building a whole neighborhood for the children she cares so much about.
“Their parents are on drugs, or their parents are incarcerated and going to jail, or we have grandparents that become ill and can’t take care of their children anymore,” she said.
The abused and neglected children, of whom judges assign legal guardianship to Nana’s House, will live in eight houses, …