Polk, Oregon Start: November 25 at 3:34PM PST End: November 26 at 9:41AM PST
PHOENIX – When a self-motivated, outgoing fourth grader named Orlando began taking reading-intervention classes from Jodi Kacz in 2014, Jodi was impressed.
“I used to always tell my husband, ‘There’s a kid at school and if I could adopt, I would adopt a kid just like him,'” Jodi said.
Jodi was a veteran teacher at Manuel Pena Jr. School in west Phoenix’s Cartwright School District.  A heart condition had prevented the 45-year-old from having children with her husband of 16 years and Jodi felt she would adopt a child someday.
As the semester progressed, Orlando’s best friend pulled Jodi aside during a lunch hour and told her Orlando was a foster child.
“I had no idea this beautiful child I fell in love with was up for adoption,” Jodi said.  “Eventually I said, ‘This is meant to be. This …