Joel! Get out of there! QuickQuickQuick! The police are coming! 5-year-old Joel was in the campground’s outhouse as I saw a State Trooper car slowly approaching. But since it was first thing in the morning, there was no rushing Joel– not even for the police.
“Is everything okay, ma’am?” The trooper had stopped and rolled down his window, probably because I was frantically talking to an outhouse door. Yeah, we’re okay! My son is in there and he wants to be a police officer and I thought he’d like to see your car drive by, that’s all. “Oh! I can circle around and come back in a minute!”
And he did. Much to Joel’s awe and delight, the trooper even got out of his car to shake Joel’s hand, give him a “special trooper highlighter,” and encourage him in his dreams of being a police officer (or, from that moment on, an Alaska State Trooper).
My most …