AUSTIN (KXAN) — Jessica Hunek is hard at work inside her tiny kitchen in Downtown Austin. She cleaned lettuce, cut tomatoes and sorted turkey and ham for sandwiches. “We are making them one by one,” said Hunek smiling “hand by hand.”
Hunek is packing 250 sack lunches for Austin’s homeless. Besides the sandwiches also included: a piece of fruit, pretzels, a breakfast bar and water. “They are in an odd way my neighbors,” said Hunek as she made the bags “I kind of wanna get to them now and just make a small dent in someone’s life.”
Hunek, 24, just celebrated a birthday and instead of presents she asked for donations so she could make the lunches. Hunek raised $700 in two days.Big sister, Anetta Paver and two students Jessica mentors were among her helpers on this Friday after Thanksgiving. “Everybody else is probably laying around and eating
Big sister, Anetta Paver and …