A baby girl has been found alive after she was thrown 30ft from her family’s car when it crashed in Texarkana.
The eight-month-old baby ended up 3ft underground in a storm drain and incredibly only suffered a few scratches on her forehead.
First responders arrived at the scene in Texarkana, Arkansas, but at first were unable to find the little girl.
‘There had to be some kind of divine intervention for her to end up being okay,’ Firefighter Josh Moore said.
A man who had stopped at the scene eventually heard crying from a pile of hay at the side of the road.
‘We immediately began searching in the hay. A Good Samaritan was already out here searching in the hay and he claimed he heard something in this general direction,’ Moore added.
Video source: Youtube
He said when she was found, the girl wasn’t crying or screaming. In fact she just sat there, looking up and …