To the rescue: A file pic of Tan rescuing a woman from jumping off the bridge in December last year. He was bitten while trying to save her.
BUTTERWORTH: As tow truck service runner Tan Chin Leong rides his motorcycle back and forth across the Penang Bridge daily, he is not just looking out for vehicles that break down but also keeping an eye for people who look like they are about to jump off the bridge.
Fondly known as “Ah Heang”, the 40-year-old bachelor is one of the winners of this year’s Star Golden Hearts award for rescuing more than 10 people from ending their lives over the past decade.
There is no comfortable office chair or eight-hour job for Tan. Instead, he waits for reports on his walkie-talkie.
He starts work at about 6am before the rush-hour begins and finishes around midnight.
Sometimes, the reports, which come in during the early …