The haze of the awful, world-shaking nightmare hung low and thick. Scott and Michelle Schwab had lost their 10-year-old son in an unthinkable tragedy on Schlitterbahn’s Verrückt water slide fewer than two weeks before.
How do you move forward? How do you get through one day, then the next, and all the rest after that?
They had not been out of the house yet. Not like this, anyway. Not as invited guests of the Royals, sitting in a room on the clubhouse level at Kauffman Stadium watching men they’d only seen on television walk in and offer the only thing that mattered.
“I’m sorry,” third baseman Mike Moustakas told Scott.
“I just want you to know we care,” pitcher Danny Duffy told Michelle.
Scott, a Kansas lawmaker, has not talked to reporters since his son, Caleb, died at that water park on Aug. 7. Part of that has been following the advice of his lawyer. …