The journalist who broke the news about the start of World War Two turns 105 on Monday. Before becoming a reporter, Clare Hollingworth helped rescue thousands of people from Hitler’s forces. One of the people she saved has sent her a birthday message – almost 80 years on.
Margo Drotar was four when she and her mother were arrested in Poland in 1939.
The family, who were communists from Hungary, were fleeing the advance of Hitler through eastern Europe when they were detained.
They starved for five days in jail. Desperate that Margo should live, her mother held her up to the bars of the cell and told her to cry.
“And then, as I was crying, a lady was passing,” says Margo, now an 81-year-old grandmother.
The passing woman got in touch with the resistance in Katowice jail in Poland.
Margo’s family was smuggled into an apartment, where they were interviewed by a British woman …