Rats will journey to a real-world Zootopia. They will now be trained to sniff rescue the world’s most smuggled mammal, the Pangolins.
We’ve known rats to have been involved in medical research to save human lives. Now they are going to be trained to save a life closer to their own.
A pangolin is a nocturnal mammal that looks like a hybrid of an anteater for its snout; an artichoke body; a raccoon for its size and a lizard tail. It is an interesting looking mammal.
Unfortunately, pangolins are hunted for their meat and scales. That puts them as the most trafficked mammal in the world. Pangolin meat are considered a delicacy in China and Vietnam. Its scales are believed to also have medicinal properties. These animals are already facing extinction.
The US Fish and Wildlife Service funded the training trial of what is going to be the pangolin-saving rats.
Here is where the African giant pouched …