It seems like Philippines’ transport authorities are trying to win the riding public’s approval by surprising commuters with its new Christmas Train after the frequent public backlash of slow and defective trains.
The Filipino public have been receiving a bit of surprises here and there after the installment of the new Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte last July. A new surprise continues on in the controversial train station in Manila.
Commuters got a delightful greeting when they got aboard the LRT-1 train last November 28. They were greeted with festive Christmas decorations inside the train. It suddenly felt like the train got the touches of Santa’s Christmas elves. The train steel bars were decorated to look like candy canes, wreaths were hung by the windows and decals of a parol  – a traditional Filipino lantern, were plastered on the ceiling.
Christian Pinto, a commuter who got the surprise on that day posted on Twitter, “Daily commute was extra happy all of …