A South African man, driving by Kruger National Park, was caught in what is easily the scariest beast vs machine moment ever. The beast was an angry hippopotamus and the machine just happened to be the car he was driving.
A video shared by the ‘Kruger Sightings’ YouTube channel shows the heartstopping moment a hippo, standing on a bridge, turns around and rams into the car.
Welding inspector Wikus Ceronie was on his way home on November 25 when the incident occurred. “This is my first time ever working in Mozambique and I was on a jolly journey back home to South Africa,” he told Kruger Sightings.
That’s when he spotted the animal and, fascinated, began filming it. “There were people walking around in the nearby vicinity so I automatically assumed this hippo was used to humans,” he added.
The hippo, though, wasn’t ready for its close up and charged at the car, attacking …