Jasmine Chalmers turned 13 last week. The Sunday before Thanksgiving, she was supposed to be celebrating in Disney World. The Make-A-Wish foundation was throwing a Bon Voyage party for her before she left for Florida.
Instead, she spent her birthday in the hospital, recovering from an intestinal issue, unable to eat or drink. Now she will remain in the hospital until she receives a heart transplant.
These are the uncertainties that Jasmine and her family have lived with her entire life. When Jasmine was an infant at her three-month check up, a heart murmur that the pediatrician detected was actually a congenital defect — an unbalanced atrioventricular canal, which means she has one pumping chamber in her heart. Jasmine had her first of six surgeries the next day to place a shunt.
“It’s not like putting in a new muffler”
Her mother, Chaunta, said they’ve known since she was five that Jasmine would eventually need …