Watching this pup’s dreams come true will get you into the holiday spirit.
Pictures of an adorable dog went viral after she got to meet the big guy himself, Santa.
It was last Christmas when Kya, a 1-year-old doggy from Orlando, received a plush Santa doll. It quickly became Kya’s favorite, and the family needed to get another one shortly after, the family told
John Montaldo, 16, was struck with a brilliant idea after seeing their local mall had a pet day photo op with Santa. Pets could go sit on Santa’s lap for a photo, and the family agreed this was Kya’s time to shine.
What they didn’t expect was Kya’s amazing reaction.
Kya kept sneaking excited glances at Santa as they patiently waited their turn.
The moment came and it was more than the family expected. Kya’s big smile shining through made the photo a viral sensation.
John thought it would be funny to …