Ryan West once rode a tandem bicycle on the bottom of a pool in Sarasota. Naked. Instead of playing at 2007 Nationals.
Ryan West once subsisted on nothing but eggnog for two weeks.
Ryan West loves puppets so much, the Muppets flash mobbed his wedding.
Ryan West is so fast, he’s outrun 4 ACLs playing ultimate.
Ryan West throws a party so well you can’t remember anything other than having the time of your life.
Ryan West punches so hard, his own elbows literally can’t even. Especially when blindfold boxing at Fools Fest .
Ryan West is a nude model, despite his hatred of being naked. In his own calendar.
To explain that last one, and really all of them, I belong to a group of friends that are simultaneously obnoxious and wonderful. Loving each other while being incredibly mean to each other. We all met playing Ultimate: Green Eggs and Ham (SUNY Buffalo) and SCAM …