Alena Gubeeva was unexpectedly left to raise her five young children on her own, after her partner Dmitriy Chepikov was tragically killed in a car accident during the northern hemisphere summer.
Dmitriy – a truck driver – had had been on his third day of a job driving a milk lorry for a local company when the accident occurred.
The Russian mother had been with Dmitriy for 10 years, relying on him to be the family’s sole breadwinner so that she could raise their five kids. As such, his death was not only a shocking emotional blow for the family, but a heavy financial one as well.
It was not long before she was soon unable to put food on the table.
While the Russian government does provide help for families in such situations, because she had not been married to her partner, she was not entitled to any financial benefits whatsoever.
The dilapidated house Alena and her five children had been living in. …