A bored 89-year-old who put an ad in a paper saying he wanted a job has been offered work at a bar and restaurant.
Ex-serviceman Joe Bartley from Devon made headlines around the world with the plea in his local paper saying he was dying of boredom and wanted a job.
Kate Allen from the Cantina Kitchen and Bar in Paignton said: “Not many people are that pro-active, let alone an 89-year-old, so I could not let him go.
“I liked him straight away when I spoke to him on the phone.”
She said Mr Bartley, who is due to start work on Sunday, would be clearing tables and helping with other tasks.
“We’re really happy to have him,” she said.
Mr Bartley said he had been very lonely since his wife Cassie died two years ago and described living on his own as “solitary confinement”.
“The first thing I did when I heard about the job …