Every now and then, we hear a story about a parent that has exhausted all resources and turns to the internet in a desperate attempt to source a discontinued piece of clothing, impossible to source dolls, and most recently, a sippy cup that happened to be the only cup 14-year-old Ben, a young man with severe autism, would drink out of.
It all started when Ben’s father, Marc, took to Twitter with a plea to find a replacement cup after the one they’ve had in their house since Ben was 2 broke.
The responses were overwhelming and led to the #CupForBen movement being formed.
And it eventually caught the attention of the manufacturer.
Roughly a week later, Marc posted a video to YouTube to thank everyone and fill them in on some amazing news; that Tommee Tippee was able to find the original mold for the sippy cup in a factory in China, and that they …