A 89-year-old has found a job after placing an advert in his local paper asking for part-time work to stop him “dying of boredom”. Joe Bartley, from Paignton, south Devon, is due to start work in the town at Cantina Bar and Kitchen after the owners of the family-run business spotted his request.
“No matter what your age or your background, you deserve a chance,” said the firm’s co-owner Sarah Martin. “Most people have got something to offer and Joe is someone who is keen, who is putting himself out there. What is not to like about that?
A lot of people who come here don’t just come for coffee, they come for a chat, so Joe is perfect.”
Bartley, who was member of the 6th airborne division and served in Palestine after the second world war, put an advert in the Herald Express twice last month. It read: “Senior citizen, 89, …