WAUSAU, Wis., Nov. 30 (UPI) — A Wisconsin hunter encountered an unusually friendly white-tailed deer fawn sporting a very strange accessory — an orange scarf.
Brian Powers posted a series of videos to YouTube showing his encounter with the young deer during the weekend when he was hunting adult deer near a creek about 15 miles outside of Wausau.
The deer, which appeared to be comfortable with humans and was wearing a bright orange scarf, walked right up to the hunter and allowed the man to pet it.
“This deer lives in the wild but is friendly toward humans and someone was smart enough to put the orange scarf around his neck to try to protect him,” Powers told WFRV-TV.
Powers said the deer spent about 10 minutes with him before wandering away. He said it returned for a second round of affectionate petting later in the day.
“Keep your head low, man,” Powers tells …