They say that watching your kids bring the next generation into the world is one of the joys of growing old.
So imagine hanging around long enough to meet your great-great-great-grandchild.
That’s what happened recently to Vera Sommerfeld of Lethbridge, Alta.
The 96-year-old became the proud head of six living generations of women, all in one unbroken line.
Baby Callie Marsh — born in October — is the latest addition.
Her mother, Alisa Marsh, is 20. Grandmother Amanda Cormier is just 39, and Grace Couturier became a great-grandmother at 59.
Great-great-grandmother Gwen Shaw is 75.
“It’s pretty wonderful, really,” says matriarch Vera Sommerfeld.
“I just couldn’t wait for this baby to be born, because it was going to be my sixth generation, and I waited for it for a long time.” 
And from the first time she held baby Callie, she was smitten.
“I couldn’t even describe it. She’s just such a beautiful girl. I love her so much.”
The women all live in the …