SAN DIEGO, Cal. (CBS) – The oldest-known survivor of the attack on pearl harbor returns to Hawaii this weekend to commemorate its 75th anniversary. His trip is possible thanks to a fundraising effort by his community. At 104 years old, this may be his last trip back.
As the first bombs fell on the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor, then Seaman First Class Ray Chavez had just finished a shift sweeping for mines. He rushed over to help.
“All the harbor was on fire, all the ships were smoking black smoke because the Japanese had torpedoed and bombed.”
More than 2,400 Americans died that day. At 104 years old, Chavez is known as the oldest living survivor of the attack. The veteran didn’t talk about what he witnessed until 50 years later.
“I saw all the men that were lost and all the ships that were sunk. It didn’t take me right …