Meowmaste — chances are good that you’ll hear the term at least once at the shelter cat yoga sessions offered by Good Mews, a cage-free cat shelter in Marietta, Georgia.
The shelter started the yoga classes in July as a way to attract new adopters to their facility, and classes are now filling up fast: The next class with spots still available is in January.
“Our mission is ‘finding good homes for good kitties,’ and the volunteer marketing committee, which I lead, does all we can to help carry out this mission by thinking of new ways to introduce our cats to potential adopters,” says Nancy Riley, who is marketing chair and on the Good Mews Animal Foundation board of directors. “We’ve had a kitten shower, a Meows & Meowmosas brunch, and we regularly bring school kids into the shelter to read aloud to the cats.”
Downward dog (gasp!) with cats started out …