An orphaned Arizona boy who feared he may never be adopted has found a new with his school teacher.
The 11-year-old boy, known as “Orlando”, was recently adopted by primary school teacher Jodi Kacz, 45, a little over a year after she learned her much-loved student was in need of a family, Today US reports.
Ms Kacz said it was another student who first told her that Orlando feared he would not be adopted as he grew older.
Ms Kacz also said she and Orlando “instantly connected” upon meeting as teacher and pupil, and that she “knew there was something special about (him) from the start”.
After learning of his adoption fears, Ms Kacz – who cannot have biological children due to an illness – immediately began filing the necessary paperwork for adoption.
In March this year, Orlando moved in with Ms Kacz and her partner, and on November 19 – National Adoption Day – …