A toddler in Marseilles, France woke up from a medically induced coma just days away from being taken off life support by doctors.
In a video posted to Facebook, Marwa Bouchenafa, 1, could be seen wide-awake and smiling as her father repeated her name.
Marwa was 10 days away from being taken off life support after doctors put her in a medically induced coma in September when she came down with a virus that was attacking her nervous system.
After failing to wake up on her own, physicians told Marwa’s family that the girl’s future looked grim and suggested she be taken off support.
Marwa’s family created a Change.org petition and collected more than 124,000 supporters in hopes of the court ruling in their favour to keep their daughter on respiratory assistance, according to Aol.com.
Budget issues at the hospital was also cited as a reason for doctors to take Mawra off life support.
Court officials …