A farm in northern Vermont got quite a surprise this past weekend when a moose snuck into a cow pasture and appeared to try to befriend the animals there.
Cattle ranchers Sharyn and Tim Abbott were returning to their Sheldon home from an outing when they noticed a creature had joined their herd. 
“I thought it was pretty cool,” said Sharyn Abbott, whose Belted Galloway cows, Precious and Primrose, got up close and personal with the moose.
The Abbotts said the moose looked really healthy, and didn’t appear to be in search of food or water.
“I think she was looking for companionship,” Tim Abbott speculated.
At one point, the moose flopped down to rest not far from one of the cows, a picture shows. In another photo, the moose and one of the cows appear to have locked eyes, making the Abbots wonder what the animals thought of each other.
“It was a treat just to …