Surrounded by cliffs and thrashing seas, its ridge is hard enough to reach simply to admire the view. Let alone climb it. On crutches.
But that’s exactly what Nikki Bradley, who was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer at age 16, did this week – teaming up with climbing guide Iain Miller to tackle the knife-edge ridge and its sheer drops (see video above).
“I felt like I spent the entire day on the edge,” Nikki says.
“I fell about 50 times. I slid down an entire section on my bum. But that’s all part of it. I love the adrenaline.”
“I would never do something like this by myself. I would never do it without having a professional guide and expert like Iain on hand,” she says (Miller, who runs adventure company Unique Ascent, has undertaken several pioneering climbs).
“But there’s always an element of danger in my life. I fell …