WATCH ABOVE: A Fort McMurray woman is thanking her lucky stars after recently being reunited with her two cats. She was separated from them during May’s wildfire and they were left to fend for themselves.
Alyssa Hueser may have lost her house in the Fort McMurray wildfire but six months after evacuating, her family is finally back together.
On the day of the evacuation, she raced home to the Waterways neighbourhood from work in a panic.
“I had time to grab my kids, grab the dog and the cats went one way and basically we went the other way and I didn’t have time to chase them,” she said.
As fire raged around her, she was tormented by the decision she had to make.
“What do I do? I can’t just leave them. But my kids were obviously more important than going back for my cats.”
When the family found out their house and much of …