A group near Mundare began its work this week to preserve a historic Ukrainian church by moving it onto a brand new concrete foundation.
More than two dozen people watched the slow and deliberate progress as Spaca Moskalyk Ukrainian Catholic Parish was moved onto its new foundation, several metres south of its original location.
The move, estimated to cost $55,000, is expected to be completed Monday.
The original concrete foundation had to be drilled apart while the building was lifted on rails. The rails were lathered with soap, which made it easier to slowly pull the church with a winch from a truck.
Ernie Bay smiled as he watched the 92-year-old church being moved.
“How they can move a big building so smoothly with no creaks or cracks is just amazing,” said Bay, the president of the church.
In 2013, an engineering report stated the foundation was unstable and it could cost up to $400,000 to repair …