Esperanza Elementary School is welcoming a surprisingly new visitor to the urban downtown campus, a winged wonder that both students and faculty hope will stick around a little longer.
A burrowing owl, more commonly found in the grasslands and deserts, has been seen regularly at the inner-city school (located just blocks from MacArthur Park) which just recently restored green spaces around its campus and nearby Wilshire Boulevard.
Esperanza’s owl was first discovered on Tuesday, Nov. 30, and has been hanging around ever since, says Brad Rumble, principal of the PK-5th grade school that serves 800 students. “It was a fourth grader Nathan, a true birder, who saw it first,” says Rumble explaining that the long-legged, yellow-eyed predator was discovered among the branches of a courtyard coral tree.
The tree’s location – near a second story breezeway – offers prime viewing of critters that inhabit the mature tree. Students often see nesting mourning doves as …