A Sligo couple with a combined age of 142 years have both graduated with doctorates in archaeology.
Richard and Betty Gray both now hold the title of “Dr” after embarking on third-level studies at St Angela’s College, Sligo, and NUI Galway (NUIG).
The couple, who have been married for 48 years and are both parents and grandparents, had retired when they signed up for a part-time diploma course in archaeology at St Angela’s College.
They both continued with BA degrees at NUIG, achieving first class honours in archaeology and history and archaeology and classics respectively.
They then signed up for a PhD programme under the supervision of Prof Elizabeth FitzPatrick of NUIG. While Dr Betty Gray researched “high-status” drinking rituals in medieval and early modern Gaelic Ireland, her husband focused on settlement clusters at Irish parish churches from 1200 to 1600 AD.
The couple have recently been conferred with their doctorates by the …