In 1990, a man named Lan Manuel shot a women, Debbie Baigrie during a robbery and left her nearly died. He was 13 years old and living in Tampa, one of the poorest and most violent housing projects in the state.
Baigrie was out with her friends when Manuel pulled a gun and asked her to give the belongings.He started shooting and bullets went into Baigrie’s mouth and out her jaw. She undergo 10 years of surgery to have her jaw rebuilt.
Manuel was arrested days later in another case and confessed to being the gunman who’d wounded Baigrie ,while in the custody. Judge sentenced him to life without parole although he was barely a teen.
Sharing his experiences behind bars, Manuel start writing letters to Baigrie after getting transferred to another prison. One day, he approached his second Christmas behind bars and placed a collect call to Baigrie and said
They can never …