There’s nothing to warm the heart like an ice-cold scooter ride down a frozen highway, in the middle of a December blizzard.
Not that this particular scooter pilot from Calgary was looking for attention — it’s just that when you’re filmed battling the elements by an astounded motorist and then that white-knuckled video goes viral, it tends to create something of a stir.
For the two-wheeled daredevil now known as the Scooter Guy, a hairy Sunday commute down the hoary QEII highway has resulted in an outpouring of charity, support and probably best of all, a reliable, safe car from a local dealer.
“I didn’t ask for any of this charity,” says the Scooter Guy, still in shock over the attention and generosity his wintery ride has garnered.
The 34-year-old’s name is being kept quiet because he’s caring for both his young nieces and his own mom, and because the two girls are in …