Rich Nowakowski, of Hartland, Wisconsin, is a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, and a really outgoing guy.
“They’re building this huge 38-unit apartment building right across from our house,” Rich’s wife, Patricia Nowakowski, told ABC News. “My husband is a very, very, very, very friendly person. Very boisterous. We have a front porch and he sits out there all day long and says ‘hi’ to them.”
Rich suffered a stroke in 2012 leaving him unable to speak well, but his passion for the men’s work still shines through.
The workers, from Benoy Masonry in Verona, Wisconsin, have become best buds with Rich, whom they now jokingly call “boss.” In order to thank their friendly neighbor for his daily praise, the guys pooled their money with the help from other companies working on the apartment complex to give their “boss” the surprise of a lifetime.
“It was just the most wonderful thing they could do …